How do I set the time on my word clock?

After setting the slideshow interval to one minute on your digital picture frame, navigate to the word clock images and select the image for the current time. For example, if the current time is 4:59pm, select the word clock image 5-00-00.jpg (IT IS FIVE O’CLOCK) at exactly 5:00pm.


Why do I set the time interval to one minute and not five minutes?

Although the word clock shows the time in five minute increments, we use multiple images of the same time so you can remove some of them from a digital picture frame that is displaying the word clock images too slowly. See below.


Why is my word clock slow/fast/out of sync?

Some digital picture frames can take a few milliseconds to load an image which causes the word clock to run slowly. Other digital picture frames try to compensate for this by loading the image earlier than the set time interval which causes the word clock to run too quickly. See below.


My word clock is out of sync. How do I fix it?

First, you need to determine how many seconds your word clock is behind/ahead:

  1. On your digital picture frame, find the first image in a five minute increment (e.g. 5-00-00.jpg -> IT IS FIVE O’CLOCK).
  2. Select the image at exactly the same time the next minute starts on your watch, phone’s clock, computer’s clock, etc. The more accurate you can be, the better, so you should find a clock that displays seconds.
  3. Pay close attention to the word clock and your timing device after four minutes have passed. When the word clock changes to the next image, record the number of seconds before/after the five minute mark.

Enter the number of seconds you recorded into the following form and select whether your word clock is slow or fast: